About moi

I am a creator of whimsy and this is my little spot to show off.

Three years ago I decided to quit my day job and follow my passion. I went back to school to study Illustration and Design at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec. At times, it wasn’t easy, but after a lot of hard work I made it to graduation day. I am certified to be whimsy.

The plan now is to take my whimsy and pass it on to the kids. I know this is a tough market but I also know this is where I belong (besides that’s what everyone tells me). My characters are fun and cute (though not always), my colours are bright and cheerful (and dark when they need to be).

I am also a member of Illustration Quebec and SCWBI.

Have a peek at my work and judge for yourself.

Please feel free to contact me for any of the following reasons:

  1. You want to take a chance on a new artist (you won’t be disappointed)
  2. You like my style and have the perfect project for me
  3. You would like to discuss taking over the world (mwahahaha)
  4. Or you just wanna say hi!

Whatever the case may be drop me a line… stephanie.mackay.designs@gmail.com

Stephanie Mackay is a freelance Children’s Book Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.