New Brushes

Taking a break to play with my new dry media digital brushes. I think they may be my new favorite brushes. Like what you see…you can get them from Kyle T. Webster.


Inspiration for the week-end

Playing around with typography and hand drawn letters.

Here’s a little inspiration from Picasso for the week-end!


Daily Digital 23

Well, it’s Friday…so today’s daily digital is also my submission for this weeks #colour_collective. Here’s another little forest critter. This guy might be a little stinky, but the butterflies still love him.



Daily digital 20

Have a foxy Tuesday!


Daily Digital 19

So I decided to play around with some different brushes this evening. Also tried to stay looser than usual. I think she’s kinda fun in a quarky way, don’t you?


Daily Digital 17

So this one goes out to all dog lovers out there….Happy National Dog Day!

This is also for this week’s colour collective: Cool Grey V. Don’t know about this? Check it out on twitter. There’s some really awesome work.

And last but not least…with it being national dog day it got me thinking about the Irish Setter we used to have, so I thought I’d use her for inspiration.



Daily Digital 16

So yesterday was a good day! A very good day!

I was unable to post this yesterday.

Oh happy days!



Daily Digital 14

A little bit of comfort…


Daily Digital 12

When you just wanna be friends but people are just scared of you