This week’s theme at Illustration Friday is – Spin.

Here’s my quick little illustration. I call him DJ Buns.


New cards….

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on for the past couple of days…

Runaway Dessert

Don’t you just hate it when dessert runs away from you???

Here’s a little something I been playing with today…


I haven’t shared anything in awhile, been taking a little break after this past semester. got back into the groove today. I figured I share a couple pages from my sketchbook….these are from this morning.


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Rainy days

Sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy the rain….Wet

Pitch Project

You might remember these guys….characterlineup_rgb

Well they are part of a bigger project. With the end of the semester coming up…the project is slowly coming together. Thought I’d share my progress.

I haven’t finalized the story line yet, but this is loosely based on the “Valiant little Tailor”. The gist is….the nerdy kid, Alex, needs to defeat the school Bully, Todd “The Bull” McAllen. Not only is he a bully but he is captain of the wrestling team. With his 4 arms he is undefeated.

There is a challenge…an old school soapbox race.

If Alex wins…he gets Bull has to ???

If Bull wins… Alex has to tutor him?

Winner gets MEGA braggin rights!

Anyways, like I said…the story is “under construction”. Should you have suggestions please feel free to shout them out.

Anyways, here is where I am at with the art work.

The town…. map003

A couple environment shots…

Alex’s house – he builds his car in the garage.
Main Street – This is the last leg of the race

This is my action shot (Keyframe)


So that’s where I’m at right now…I will be finalizing over the next week.


A couple pages for my sketchbook

It’s been a crazy weekend with with homework. Had to take a little break and do some sketches for myself…thought I’d share them here. 🙂


Then I took one of the sketches and colored it…


Another class project

One of our projects this semester is to create a poster for a circus. I’ve always thought the trapeze artist were the most breathtaking part of the circus. So it only seems natural that I feature trapeze artists in my poster. Here is my ink drawing for the project. Feel free to let me know what you think….and stay tuned I will be coloring this in the days to come.



In the spirit of halloween….