Day 2

Well, I wish I had known January 21 was Squirrel Appreciation Day. Nevertheless, I honour of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are my character sketches of squirrels.


Back to the drawing board

I’ve been really enjoying this time off for the holidays. Things got hectic just before and it’s been awhile since I had time to sit down and get some sketching done. One of my resolutions will be to do more drawing/illustrating. I’ve come to realize how much I need  and desire to illustrate. The days where I don’t get to sit down and draw I got to bed feeling as though I forgot to do something.

Here is one of my recent sketches as well as the colour version.

Nightly drawing

A quick character sketch for tonight



Practicing what I learned for that Craftsy class…Here’s a page from my sketchbook.


Thank you!

hippo001So last night, I watched Lynne Chapman’s Craftsy course (for free! no less) on how to draw picture book characters. I must say I feel as though something really clicked in the way she explained her process, especially the animal characters. If you have a chance I do highly recommend this course. Anyways, I was sketching tonight, trying out some of her techniques and I thought I’d share a little character I came up with.

I also thought it was time to thank you all for following me. I hope you enjoy following my progress. đŸ™‚

Remembering Rusty

So when I was growing up I convinced my parents to get me an Irish Setter…which I named Rusty (how original…I know!) She was not the healthiest of dogs. It was always one things after another. But she was a good dog…because as my husband says…all dogs are good dogs!



More late night sketching

So I stumbled across Fred Blunt’s work and fell in love. A few characters inspired by his work.


Warming up

Some more doodle sketches to get the juices flowing…




Been crazy busy lately! Curious to know what I’ve been upto??

check it out!


Flipside Prints

I feel like my creative brain has been squeezed dry…at least that’s how I felt last week. There’s still more work to be done, but I need to give myself a wee break…get away from the computer screen and reconnect with pencil and paper.

Here are a few sketches…



With any luck things will slow down a little and I will be able to get some more sketching done…maybe even fully illustrate a few.