A quote for today

Came across this really neat class over at Skillshare and I thought I’d share the project I did for it. One of my goals for this year is to do more illustrative text and play with typography a little more. Hope you enjoy it…


Inspiration for the week-end

Playing around with typography and hand drawn letters.

Here’s a little inspiration from Picasso for the week-end!


Wild thing

Some more creative exercising of the creative mind during a tonight’s break. Had fun with lettering last night…thought I’d give it another go tonight. paying homage to my favorite book. Think I might actually get this printed to the kids room. #wherethewildthingsare


I & D Poster

So with this being my last semester at school, we are planning our end of year vernissage. As a class project we each designed a poster for the event. We will be voting for our favorite tomorrow. This is my submission…


H & H

Tried something a little different this time. This is my take on heaven and hell.



One poster done

After hours and hours of agonizing over the tiniest of details and the slightest color changes I think I’m going to call this one done.

ABloom poster_DKBG_web

Yet another poster Design

I’d have to say today was rather productive…here’s another poster I’m working on for another class…


Poster Design – WIP

This is a project for one of my classes this semester. Just finished digitally inking in Sketchbook Pro.

ABloom poster1

Final poster design

So after some creative direction here is my final submission for my class project

black HTV4Red