Daily Digital 23

Well, it’s Friday…so today’s daily digital is also my submission for this weeks #colour_collective. Here’s another little forest critter. This guy might be a little stinky, but the butterflies still love him.



Daily Digital 15

So here’s something a little different from what I usually post, but I had to work on some new greeting cards. Thought I’d share this one for today’s daily digital.


Daily Digital 19

Working on some new card ideas…here’s the birthday bear.


New card designs off to the store

Among all my school work I found the time to get some new card designs made up and I am happy to say they will be in store (at Terrafolia Flowers, a local flower shop) tomorrow for sale.


Side Tracked

So I got a little side tracked this afternoon and came up with this new card design. I’d actually drawn this in pen and ink earlier his summer. Thought I’d try digitizing and coloring her so that I can add her to my line of greeting cards… I think she turned out pretty good.


Some more ideas I been working on….

I’ve return to traditional pen and ink drawing for my latest batch of cards. Here are some ideas I’m playing around with.


Working on some card ideas

I feel like it’s time to add to the cards designs I have, to today’s exercise was just that. I did a few designs in pen and ink first and scanned them, so that I could play around with them digitally later. Then I colored them in by hand using Derwent color soft pencils. I haven’t worked traditionally for quite some time, and it was nice to get back to it. I am also proud of myself for having scanned the pen and ink drawing before coloring, now I’ll be to have some fun with them in Ps and Ai. Anywho…here are a few of them….

3birds boygirl01 boygirl1 yellow bird

New card design

So, for the past 4 years I’ve been designing hand drawn cards for a local flower shop. When I first stared they were all 100% done by hand…then demand went up and it was hard to supply them. So I started working more digital and getting the cards printed. This save me time and allowed me to sleep. At first I was dead set against this but I just couldn’t keep up. Working with Ps and Ai has actually help me keep the creativity flowing. Now I am working on having a bank of cards to chose from and hopefully I will be able to get more business. Here is one of my new designs.