Remembering Rusty

So when I was growing up I convinced my parents to get me an Irish Setter…which I named Rusty (how original…I know!) She was not the healthiest of dogs. It was always one things after another. But she was a good dog…because as my husband says…all dogs are good dogs!



Warming up

Some more doodle sketches to get the juices flowing…


Late night sketching

Just some doodles before bed…



Still dreaming of better weather. It can’t be grey and rainy all the time…right?



Show and tell

What’s the last thing you do before you head off to the land of nod?? Sketching…Okay so this isn’t the last thing I do ┬ábefore falling asleep (I typically read…falling asleep with pencil in hand has proved dangerous in the past), but it is one of the last things I do. I like to put a close to a creative day, by doing a quick sketch (15-20 max.) of something just for me. Ninety percent of my day is doing work for other people. In order to not forget myself in the bustle of the daily grind, I like to sit back and draw little something for me. I haven’t been posting these because…well I was being selfish. But I thought it might be fun to share. I am also the queen of starting a challenge only to let it fall by the wayside, so I’m not going to call this a challenge (for fearing of my little ritual coming to an end), but I will call this show and tell.



and tell….

Not quite sure where this came from. But wouldn’t it be fun to go marching into the woods with your friend Stan Chick, dressed as a monkey?? Everyone need a little silliness especially at the end of a long day! Enjoy my first show and tell, and feel free to join in.


More Sketching

So this is what I do with my lunch hour. It’s good to break away from the computer screen and rest the eyes. Not to mention is feel good putting pencil to paper. Do you just love the sound of a pencil on paper? I don’t know about you but there’s something soothing about it.


Lunchtime Doodle Challenge

I’ve decided to start a new challenge and I would like to invite anyone and everyone to join in. I call it the lunch time doodle challenge. I’ve decided that dunring my lunch hour, I will fill a sketchbook page with doodles. I’m doing this in an effort to actually take my lunch hour and to get away from the computer screen. Now I only have 4 lunch hours a week (half day fridays), so I will only be posting 4 page a week. But the point of this is to take a break at work and do something else. If you would like to join in tag your doodle with #LDC or #lunchtimedoodle

I started yesterday so here are my first two pages.