Learning to Jump

Here’s my piece for this week’s colour collective


Morning Exercise

A quick one before getting to work…


Free time

Feels like I haven’t posted in ages! Probably because I haven’t. I finally decided I need a little me time this evening. I’ve been so busy with work and contracts, not to mention fabricating a new human life. I really shouldn’t have taken the time off this evening, but I was feeling creatively drained and how I get over that is by doing some personal work. So tonight I thought I’d play around with sketchbook pro’s radial symmetry tool and come up with some mandalas. It’s actually quite relaxing making these. Anyways, I hope my next post won’t be to far down the road, but for now have a gander at these.

Oh and if you like ’em…I will have them up on my Etsy page as colouring pages. Should you decide to purchase the pages I would really enjoy seeing the coloured results so don’t forget to take a pic and send it to me.



Daily Digital 15

So here’s something a little different from what I usually post, but I had to work on some new greeting cards. Thought I’d share this one for today’s daily digital.


Daily Digital 11

A cute little beach boy to go with yesterdays Mom character…


My new Esty shop

Now that I have finished with school, it’s time to get myself (and my art out there). After such positive feedback at our end of program exhibit, I’ve decided to try selling my prints on Etsy. I have just a few pieces for now but stay tuned…there is more to come shortly.

Here’s my latest item