Color Collective – 07/04/2017

So I was a few days late with last week’s colour collective. Was inspired by the beautiful weather and the long awaited arrival of spring in Montreal.


Learning to Jump

Here’s my piece for this week’s colour collective



Had a little bit of free time today. Instead of taking a break I thought I’d work on a person project which also ended up being my submission for this weeks #colour_collective.


Outer Space

Haven’t shared in awhile…Here’s part of a little something I’ve been working on…Keep your eyes peeled and you just may see it on the market some day! 🙂


Sneak Peek

Here’s a little teaser of an illustration I am currently working on…




A quote for today

Came across this really neat class over at Skillshare and I thought I’d share the project I did for it. One of my goals for this year is to do more illustrative text and play with typography a little more. Hope you enjoy it…


Whacky Friday

Continuing my exploration of Adobe Illustrator. A little something out of the norm for me, had a lot of fun working on this one.

Some whacky friends for a whacky friday!


Welcome to the Jungle

Having some fun with Illustrator tonight.

Basic RGBBasic RGB

Snowball Fight!!

I haven’t used Illustrator in quite some time. Thought I’d dust off the cobwebs tonight since I’ll be using it a lot for my next few illustrations.

Considering we are supposed to have a snowstorm in the near future, I thought why not a snowball fight!



I was inspired by this week’s challenge over at #animalalphabets

Pp is for Pinocchio