Day 2

Well, I wish I had known January 21 was Squirrel Appreciation Day. Nevertheless, I honour of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are my character sketches of squirrels.


New Brushes

Taking a break to play with my new dry media digital brushes. I think they may be my new favorite brushes. Like what you see…you can get them from Kyle T. Webster.


Color Collective – 07/04/2017

So I was a few days late with last week’s colour collective. Was inspired by the beautiful weather and the long awaited arrival of spring in Montreal.


Amaze Yourself

Thought I’d play around with illustrative type today. Not bad for first time digital hand lettering…well I think anyways.


Sage Green

A much needed break from work and an exercise for the creative mind. Stepping outside the box and out of my comfort zone…here’s something a little different for last weeks #colour_collective.


Daily digital 20

Have a foxy Tuesday!


Daily Digital 19

So I decided to play around with some different brushes this evening. Also tried to stay looser than usual. I think she’s kinda fun in a quarky way, don’t you?


Daily Digital 18

I didn’t have time to do one yesterday. The day just kinda got away from me. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Anywho…I decided to go all out for today’s. This definitely took more then my usual hour to do. I hope you enjoy…


Daily Digital 17

So this one goes out to all dog lovers out there….Happy National Dog Day!

This is also for this week’s colour collective: Cool Grey V. Don’t know about this? Check it out on twitter. There’s some really awesome work.

And last but not least…with it being national dog day it got me thinking about the Irish Setter we used to have, so I thought I’d use her for inspiration.