New set of prints

So in honour of the upcoming holiday season, I’ve created a new set of prints for the fine people over at Flipside Prints. Feel free to hop on over to check it out and all the others that are up for grabs.

Baby Announcement

I don’t usually share stuff from my personal life but I wanted to share this one so I used the opportunity to come up with an illustration for it. I don’t think it needs more explaining…



It’s done…well that is until I decide to tweak it. I am trying out this new mantra:

“Finished not Perfect”. 


I came across this youtube video by Jeff Parker and it really resonated. I am guilty of starting things and not finishing them because they are not perfect. But let’s be honest…when is anything we ever do perfect (in our eyes). He says to just finish whatever you are doing, be aware that it’s not perfect, but don’t stress about it…you will only get better. Anyways, check out the clip it’s under 2 minutes.


Without further ado, here’s my finished piece.

It’s not perfect, but it’s finished. I’d love to have your comments on it.



The Bataloon

Few people have ever come across this friendly little guy…but he sure wishes more people would…maybe they could help him get down.

My submission for this month’s #animaloon_collective


Progress on the sneak peak

Looking to really get my freelancing off the ground so I’ve been hard at work on my portfolio. A few days a go a posted a sneak peak of one piece I been working on. Thought I’d share my progress so far.


Sneak peak

Working on the ol’ portfolio…

Here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming illustration.


Whooping Crane

A quickie for this evening to loosen up before getting down to work. This is my submission for this week’s @AnimalAlphabets – the whooping crane.


New Brushes

Taking a break to play with my new dry media digital brushes. I think they may be my new favorite brushes. Like what you see…you can get them from Kyle T. Webster.


New illustration

Here’s a little something I been working on. She sure is happy about something…I wonder what…

It’s a work in progress, please feel free to comment. I’d like to push it a little further.