Adventures in Selling…mistakes were made

Are you the kind of person to just jump right in when you have an idea, or do you take the time to plan and work things out?

I’m a little impatient, so I jump right in! Sometimes it works, but most of the time there’s fine tuning and occasionally you just need to step back take a breath and take another run at it.

So for my Etsy shop, I just jumped right in. Especially when I discovered ‘production partners’. The main reason I’ve been hesitant about starting a shop is because I don’t want to deal with inventory, packaging, and shipping. I just want to design and make them available to the world. While making a little money of course.

I came across my first mistake late last night. It’s a doozy…kind of.

So my production partners are based in the good ol’ US of A. I am looking locally and as soon as I find one I will be making the switch, but for now most of my products are made and shipped from the states. You would think this would have been a clue, but I was blinded by the idea of being able to sell my designs myself.

Late last night, once the boys were down, I was going through my products and getting some new ones ready to add to my shop when all of a sudden it dawned me. My production partners are in the USA! Shit! That probably means that the prices on their sites are in US dollars! Damn! All that profit I thought I was making?!! Non existent! Oops!

It goes without saying that I immediately put the store in holiday mode and started making the most of my limited math skills. You cannot imagine the headache I gave myself. Not to mention the I felt like the biggest idiot in the world!

I am almost done rectifying the problem. So if you go back to my shop you will noticed the prices have changed. My apologies to those who were looking before, I realized my awful mistake. Please know that I did my best to keep the prices as low as possible.

For those of you that managed to get an order in before I realized my error, you are welcome. 😉Totes


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