Adventures in Selling

So it’s been a couple weeks since I put my first item/design up for sale.

Still trying to figure things out, but the response has been good and I made my first sale.

It’s easy to just let a third party handle the production and shipping, but you need to make sure the product represents and your brand. Am I right?!

Last week, I ordered some samples. Not everything has come in yet.

I have received my stickers and t-shirts from RedBubble. I must say I am quite happy with the stickers. Some minor adjustments on my end, but that’s alright. I do find the colors on the t-shirts to be a little faded and some of the details were lost. However, overall, I’m quite pleased. I’ve shown the t-shirts to other people and they don’t seem to notice anything wrong with them. I’m just being pick I guess.

I am still waiting on a phone case from them that should be arrive this week.

Another reason for placing some sample orders is to make sure everything runs smoothly. Since it is impossible for me to produce most of the products, I’ve opted for a production partner to fulfill my Etsy orders. Still waiting on this order to arrive. I wish they were a little quick at fulfilling the order, but maybe they’ll make up for it with quality.

Still have some kinks to iron out. Stay tuned as this saga unfolds!

That being said…here are some of the items you will find with my designs:




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