Free time

Feels like I haven’t posted in ages! Probably because I haven’t. I finally decided I need a little me time this evening. I’ve been so busy with work and contracts, not to mention fabricating a new human life. I really shouldn’t have taken the time off this evening, but I was feeling creatively drained and how I get over that is by doing some personal work. So tonight I thought I’d play around with sketchbook pro’s radial symmetry tool and come up with some mandalas. It’s actually quite relaxing making these. Anyways, I hope my next post won’t be to far down the road, but for now have a gander at these.

Oh and if you like ’em…I will have them up on my Etsy page as colouring pages. Should you decide to purchase the pages I would really enjoy seeing the coloured results so don’t forget to take a pic and send it to me.



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