Pitch Project

You might remember these guys….characterlineup_rgb

Well they are part of a bigger project. With the end of the semester coming up…the project is slowly coming together. Thought I’d share my progress.

I haven’t finalized the story line yet, but this is loosely based on the “Valiant little Tailor”. The gist is….the nerdy kid, Alex, needs to defeat the school Bully, Todd “The Bull” McAllen. Not only is he a bully but he is captain of the wrestling team. With his 4 arms he is undefeated.

There is a challenge…an old school soapbox race.

If Alex wins…he gets Bull has to ???

If Bull wins… Alex has to tutor him?

Winner gets MEGA braggin rights!

Anyways, like I said…the story is “under construction”. Should you have suggestions please feel free to shout them out.

Anyways, here is where I am at with the art work.

The town…. map003

A couple environment shots…

Alex’s house – he builds his car in the garage.
Main Street – This is the last leg of the race

This is my action shot (Keyframe)


So that’s where I’m at right now…I will be finalizing over the next week.


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