Killer Hairdo – Final version

You might remember I posted my sketch for the urban legend Killer Hairdo just over a month ago. Well…I have finally finished it, or this is the final version before handing it over for grading. I will most likely be doing some modifications at a later date but for now…it’s done.

It was quite the journey. The rat and I were not on friendly terms. This guy is probably my 8th version of him….it could be more. While he it not perfect, he has taught me a lot in the way of painting. The next rat I paint…will probably go a lot smoother. (I hope)

Without further ado here it is….I hope you enjoy.


The Killer hairdo

A very stylish teenage girl grew tired of spending hours carefully “ratting” (teasing) and spraying her hair to attain an extreme beehive do. She washed her hair in sugar-water, allowing it to harden in the style she wanted. At night, she carefully wrapped a towel around it and slept on a special half-pillow designed not to disturb the hair.

One morning she failed to come down for breakfast. Her mother went to her room only to find her dead in bed. When the towel was removed from her head, it was discovered that she had been gnawed to death by rats (or bugs — I’ve heard both versions).

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